​*Updated 5/22/2017


  1. You are REQUIRED to have an updated and valid credit card on file under the school year lease plan, monthly plan, or scholarship regardless of payment method.
  2. You may rent as long as you wish.  The instrument may be returned at any time. Please call 888-729-2876 to arrange for the return of the instrument. Once the instrument is received back at a Rayburn Musical Co., Inc. (Rayburn) location or a designated agent’s location and any outstanding charges are paid, the rental agreement is terminated. Title of ownership remains with Rayburn Music during the rental period.
  3. You are responsible for and instrument until it is returned to our place of business.  Do not leave the instrument at the school for return without notifying Rayburn Music, or it's designated agent, and receiving proper authorization from a Rayburn employee. Failure to do so means that you will be responsible for all unpaid monthly fees and charges up to the full retail value of the instrument.
  4. Rental fees will be charged up to the date of the instrument being returned.
  5. No Rental or LDT (Loss/Damage/Theft) fees will be prorated or refunded.
  6. Contracts are not transferable.


Yearly lease contracts are renewable at the end of each school year. You will receive a renewal letter prior to the end of the school year, for the following year. The instrument must be renewed or returned before July 1st.or your contract automatically converts to a monthly program.  If you choose to purchase your leased instrument at any time, one year’s worth of lease payments (excluding tax and LDT) will be applied towards the purchase. You may receive a 20% discount off the unpaid balance if you choose to purchase. SCHOOL YEAR CONTRACTS convert to monthly contracts if not renewed or returned by July 1st.

Contracts with monthly rental fees are Renewable Rental Agreements with Option to Purchase. All paid rental fees, (excluding tax and LDT) will be applied towards purchase. You may receive a 20% discount off the unpaid balance if you choose to purchase your rental instrument.

All rental instruments may be exchanged at any time during the rental as long as their account is current and that equity from the monthly payments will carry over to the new instrument. If the customer chooses to exchange to a lesser expensive instrument, up to 12 months of previously paid rental fees shall be applied to the price of the replacement rental instrument, provided the account is current. Should a customer choose to exchange to a more expensive instrument, all rental fees shall be applied to the purchase of the replacement instrument, but the difference in rental fees shall, at the discretion of Rayburn, be due at the time of the exchange.


Rayburn will exchange the instrument for the next size as requested by the music teacher free of charge. When the student requires a full size instrument, all paid rental fees will be applied toward the purchase of a full size instrument provided the account is current. If your contract is paid off prior to your child reaching a full size instrument, Rayburn will exchange the current rental instrument up to a full size instrument after purchase. This exchange will only be for a student model and is restricted to a 1 year period from the date of instrument payoff. Instruments that are already full size and paid off will not get a final exchange.

Note: Our full size viola is 15".


If the rental fee is past due, a late charge of $10.00 will be assessed ten days after the due date for every thirty days the account is in arrears. RAYBURN MUSIC RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHARGE PAST DUE RENTAL FEES (INCLUDING LATE FEES) TO YOUR CREDIT CARD USING INFORMATION PROVIDED TO RAYBURN MUSIC. Rayburn may repossess an instrument if there is any charge that is 60 days in arrears. Repossession terminates this agreement but does not relieve the customer of charges incurred before or after repossession, plus liability for all collection and legal charges incurred. If the account becomes 90 days past due, the full value of the instrument shall become due, plus liability for all collection and legal costs incurred.

All past due accounts will be notified via email. Rayburn Music is now going green. 
Note: Please add [email protected] to your contact list to ensure notification(s) from Rayburn Music.

A fee of $35.00 will be assessed for any checks returned to Rayburn Music Company, Inc. for insufficient funds or non-payment.

Rayburn Music Company, Inc. will assume liability of protecting the rental customer against loss, damage, or theft to the rented instrument under the following conditions:

  1. Loss through theft, total destruction by fire or accident. Provided the account is current, the instrument will be replaced with an instrument of equal quality, age and condition, as determined by Rayburn.
  2. Theft must be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities within 24 hours after discovery of loss, and a copy of the police report presented to Rayburn Music Company, Inc. within 7 days. The police report should note the make, model and serial number of the lost instrument. Rayburn’s Customer Service can assist you in gathering this information. All charges incurred up to the date of loss are still due and payable. Failure to provide a police report within the time frame, will result in a final charge of the remaining balance for the instrument. 
  3. Rayburn or it's designated agent, is not responsible for the return of rental instruments left at schools without first obtaining proper return authorization and/or instructions from either Rayburn Music or it's designated agent.
  4. Any damage or breakage to the rented instrument will be repaired to proper playing condition, without charge, unless caused by mischievous conduct. Coverage does not apply to deterioration of appearance which does not affect the performance of the instrument, such as scratches, minor dents and finish.
  5. Excluded from coverage are drum heads, drum sticks, strings, bow rehairing and replacement of expendable accessories (reeds, mouthpieces, oil, cork grease, ligatures, etc.).
  6. Any claims for repair or replacement shall not alter or diminish the terms of the rental plan indicated on the rental contract page.
  7. If the renter defaults on any payment for more than 30 days, LDT coverage will lapse and can be reinstated only by permission of Rayburn Music Company, Inc. No part of this coverage will be refunded.
  8. All repairs and replacement of rented instruments, under this coverage, must be  made by Rayburn Music Company, Inc. or its authorized designated agent.  Any repairs by the renter or an unauthorized repair agent will void the LDT coverage and are non-reimbursable.
  9. Rayburn has the right to pick up the instrument at school at any time to provide servicing and adjustments. Permission of the renter is not required for this service.



 New  Previously Rented
 Instrument  New  Previously Rented
 Trumpet  1,025.00  820.00  Violin
-  790.00
 Trombone  1,035.00  828.00  Viola  -  790.00
 Clarinet  885.00  699.00  Cello  -  1,395.00
 Flute  875.00  699.00  Alto Sax
 1,995.00  1,596.00
 Flute with Curved Head
 950.00  795.00  Oboe  2,115.00  1,692.00
 Piccolo  985.00  788.00  Tenor Sax
 2,025.00  1,620.00
 Snare Drum Kit
 399.00  320.00  French Horn (Winston)
 2,425.00  1,940.00
 Bell Kit
 399.00  320.00  Baritone Horn (Winston)
 1,935.00  1,548.00
 Combo Percussion Kit
 595.00  476.00  Bass Clarinet
 1,990.00  1,695.00
We supply only "School Requested Instruments." We carry all of the major brands.

Previously rented instruments have been thoroughly shop adjusted, sterilized, and carry a full warranty.